Patient Testimonials

Dr. Carey is a wonderful doctor and man. My son had to have a tooth pulled after an accident at preschool when he was 3 years old. I never thought that it could go as smoothly as it did. Dr. Carey was so patient with a scared 3 year old and managed to turn our visit into a good experience for my son. I would recommend Dr. Carey to anyone who has any type of oral surgery needs.

-- Christina C.

I'm pleased to let everyone know what a wonderful experience I had as a patient of Dr. Carey. His excellent reputation of experience and expertise in his field was certainly evident in my outcome. Of course, when you visit Dr. Carey's office, one immediately notices the friendly and efficient staff who made my visits welcoming and comfortable.

-- Ann Miskanic

I can not say enough about Dr. Carey and all of his staff.  I have had need to visit his office several times over the last three years.  Both of my children had their wisdom teeth extracted and we were very pleased.  I have had many issues with my teeth, and Dr. Carey has been very caring and thorough - always explaining all that's going on and proceeding with the best possible care.  I would recommend this office for any needs you might have for an oral surgeon.
-- Shirley Perrin

Dr. Carey not only has treated me, but my children as well.  He made my wisdom teeth extractions very simple and pain free.  The staff was wonderful and very easy to work with, and the new office is in an easy to find location and was very impressive.  In addition to taking out my wisdom teeth, he treated my 14 year old son last year for a jaw injury and was absolutely wonderful with him.  He made him feel at ease and was able to take X rays in the office which saved us a trip to the hospital.  He is very personable and is someone I trust my whole family with.

-- Jason Breyo

Thanks to Dr. Carey's skill and expertise, my dangling root tip was properly removed from an extraction-gone-wrong by my former dentist. The staff's friendly professionalism coupled with the office's upscale décor make this an inviting place to visit. As one who has an aversion to dental work, these factors along with Dr. Carey's  dry wit helped put my fears to rest. I would recommend this practice to anyone who appreciates competence, professionalism and ambience!
-- Laurie

I recently had my wisdom teeth taken out by Dr. Carey.  The staff was so helpful in helping me find the office and making appointments.  Everyone there made me feel right at home, like they have known me for years.  Before the surgery everyone did everything they could to answer any of my questions and made me feel calm.  Dr. Carey even answered my crazy questions and never once laughed at any of them.

Thank you for all y’all did for me!

-- Sharon Watkins

I am writing to say "thank you" to Dr. Carey and his staff at Cherokee Oral Surgery for taking such good care of me during my recent surgery! From the first visit to set up my consultation to the day of the actual surgery, I felt quite comfortable and well informed. The office staff helped me understand what would be involved financially and made sure that I understood what would be expected of me and my insurance company. The nurses were great and I knew that I would be well cared for during the surgery. Dr. Carey spent quite a bit of time with me and answered any questions that I had about my surgery. The surgery itself was very successful and I really "didn't feel a thing!" All in all, if you have to have oral surgery, I would highly recommend Cherokee Oral Surgery. I am glad that my surgery is done but I'm really glad that I chose Cherokee Oral Surgery! Thanks!

-- Dee Williford

Thank you Dr. Carey and staff for making me feel welcomed and relaxed during my visit for my dental implant. The office is state of the art and I will definitely recommend Dr. Carey and his caring staff to my friends. Thanks.

-- Irene Freischknecht

I recently had a consultation visit and then a scheduled oral surgery performed by Dr. Carey at Cherokee Oral Surgery. I am an anxious person when it comes to going to a dentist; however, I was pleased to discover how understanding and patient the staff  was with me. They explained everything to me and understood my anxiety. When the day came for my surgery, they were very caring and professional. Dr. Carey was very compassionate and did an excellent job on my tooth while I was "taking a little nap" They offer general anesthesia for anxious patients which is great! After surgery, I was given thorough instructions to follow for the healing of my tooth. My tooth is healing very well and I have had no complications. I would definitely recommend Dr. Carey and his staff to anyone who needs to have oral surgery or implants etc.. Excellent staff, Excellent dentist (oral surgeon), and an all around good experience for an anxious patient!

-- Karen Junk

Dr. John Carey and his staff were so thorough, professional, and courteous from my consultation to my procedure.  The greeting at the front desk was so heart warming that I felt at ease from the beginning.   Dr. Carey’s assistant explained in detail the procedure and also, the instructions following with helpful hints in taking care of my tooth and gums.  Dr. Carey explained each step during the procedure, so I knew exactly what he was doing with no surprises.

-- Wanda Espy

When our dentist informed us that our third child needed to have his wisdom teeth removed, I asked friends for a recommendation, as the surgeon we had previously used is now retired.  Dr. Carey’s name kept coming up.  We were pleasantly surprised at the amount of time he spent with us, answering  questions and going over the procedure.  Afterwards we were very impressed with how friendly and attentive the office staff was.  They were very helpful in answering our questions about post-op care.

-- Jeannie Turner

I've been a patient of Dr. Carey's for over five years. I have had several extractions performed with subsequent implants placed. In all instances, Dr. Carey and his team have been superb. The doctor is very responsive to my individual problems, the staff has been very courteous and helpful, both during, and after my procedures were performed. I have been very impressed with their professionalism and caring nature. My thanks to the team!

-- Joe Clapper

We have had such a wonderful experience had Dr. Carey's office. We went there 7 years ago for my daughter to have a frenectomy. Impressive is the only way to describe how well Dr. Carey treated my (then) 7 year old. Six months ago we had the opportunity to go back to have our son's wisdom teeth removed. There aren't any teenagers that look forward to having that done, but the rapport that Dr. Carey has with this age group is great! My son had an easy time and that is because of the skilled, calm nature of Dr. Carey and his staff. When it is time to have my daughter's wisdom teeth removed in 3 years I wouldn't consider going to anyone else.

-- Jana Bravo

Dr. Carey's office is extremely professional and friendly. During my consultation, Dr. Carey was very thorough when explaining what was involved in my procedure, as well as what to expect during recovery. I was able to schedule my surgery at a time that was convenient for me without a problem. The entire staff was very accommodating and made me feel comfortable the day of my procedure. I really couldn't have asked for a better experience!

-- Jenna Tlumak

A few weeks ago I made an appointment with Dr. Carey's office to begin the process of having a couple of teeth extracted.  The extractions are to be followed by an implant.  The office staff were extremely pleasant and helpful to both me and my wife, providing information and a cheerful attitude throughout the process.

Both Dr. Carey and his assistants were friendly and professional, explaining the procedures and allowing me to ask questions to ease my concerns.  All in all, Dr. Carey's answers and approach to my concerns enabled me to significantly relax because he eliminated my fears.

I would recommend Dr. Carey to any of my friends who needed oral surgery.

-- Pat McClellan

I wanted to say thanks for the outstanding treatment provided by your office. My recent oral surgery with Dr. Carey was an excellent experience and amazingly pain-free. Thanks!

-- Brenda Greathouse

Thank You first and foremost for the professional diligence and compassion that I received from you and your staff during my time of need. I had to get 4 extractions done at the same time in which I really didn't know how my oral surgery would turn out from very bad past dental experiences. I am very pleased to announce that after my pleasant and professional experience with you and your staff that I will be back in the future and that I am going to recommend you and your staff to everybody that I come into contact with that needs oral surgery.

-- Johnny Lightsey

My son, Luka, who is 6 years old, recently needed to have a supernumerary tooth extracted and our pediatric dentist recommended we see Dr. Carey for the procedure. I am glad she did! Dr. Carey's office staff are friendly and helpful. His assistant (I wish I could remember her name!) made sure that Luka was comfortable and she even played a game with him to get him to take the anesthesia medication. He was bragging about winning that game for the rest of the day! Once the procedure started, which, if I'm honest, I was more nervous about than my son, Dr. Carey was focused on getting the tooth out and it took less than a minute. After that we were given at-home care instructions, his assistant stayed until Luka could comprehend his surroundings, she then gave him a ride in a wheelchair to our car - he really liked that! I am really thankful to Dr. Carey and his staff for making our visit comfortable, informative, and even a little bit fun!

Also, Dr. Carey himself called us the weekend after the procedure to check on Luka. I have never known a doctor to do that! I would recommend Dr. Carey for anyone (of any age) needing oral surgery.

-- Rachael Norred

I can honestly say from the first phone call to schedule an appointment to the actual procedure the staff at your office made my visit a pleasant experience. It would be my pleasure to recommend  anyone to contact your office for any of their future dental needs. Thanks again for the great customer care.

-- Dan Garcia

I have been a patient of Dr. Carry for the past several months. I can't tell you how happy I am.  Dr. Carry and his staff are in my opinion the best.  The care and concern from the time you enter the building, to the time you leave is beyond exceptional. If you've ever feared having your teeth worked on, it will stop at Dr. Carry's office!

-- Sharon Tripp

My experience at Dr. Carey’s office was great. The office look is new and updated. The nurses as well as Dr. Carey are very friendly.  They thoroughly prepare you for your surgery. My surgery was quick and painless and the recovery was just as Dr. Carey had told me it would be.  I was relaxed and confident going into my oral surgery and my overall experience was great.  I recommend Dr. Carey to everyone in need of oral surgery.

-- Alec Kumpf

I have had the pleasure of having both my children’s wisdom teeth extraction done by Dr. Carey. The staff is pleasant and efficient, and the patient care is personal and friendly.  Both my kids felt extremely comfortable before, during and after the procedures. The new facility is very lovely. Dr. Carey is approachable and friendly, and VERY skilled. Really pleased that the entire procedure is done within an hour, and both children had quick recoveries. Staff is great about consistent follow up to make sure everything is okay.

-- Shari Wood

I have the highest praise for Dr. Carey and his entire staff. They were very professional and caring, something you don't always find in dental or medical offices. Everyone was so nice to my daughter who was scared to have her wisdom teeth removed. We were in and out in under an hour. The assistant called to check on her that evening which I really appreciated. Dr. Carey called a couple of days later so I was able to ask a few more questions about her recovery. Thanks to all of you for outstanding care.

-- Linda Reece