Doctor Testimonials

I can not begin to express my complete confidence in Dr. Carey and his staff. I have known Dr. Carey for 10 years and his primary concern has always been my patients comfort, health and well being. He always displays compassion, dedication, integrity, kindness and a genuine respect for my patients. Doctors of his caliber are rare in today's world, that is why I chose Dr. Carey to work on my own mom as well as my patients. Hands down, he is the best!

-- Dr. Mark Goch
General Dentist

I am delighted to welcome North Metro Oral & Implant Surgery to Kennesaw. Dr. Carey has been an esteemed colleague of mine since he started his practice in Canton, GA. He provides exceptional care to my patients, so exceptional that Dr. Carey has treated my staff and our families. He is an excellent surgeon, and a kind, compassionate doctor committed to the well being of his patients. As a general practitioner, I have the utmost respect and appreciation for his level of expertise in the field of oral and maxillofacial surgery. Dr. Carey is dedicated to continuing education not only for himself and his staff but also for his referring Doctors and their staffs by facilitating and sponsoring a top tier dental study club. Dr. Carey also finds time to serve indigent members of the community.

With Dr. Carey and his team next door, we are excited to have him even closer so that we may continue our partnership and provide excellent dental care to the Kennesaw community for years to come. We are so happy and proud to call North Metro Oral & Implant Surgery our neighbor!

-- Dr. Karyn Stockwell
General Dentist

Working with Dr. Carey has always been a pleasure for me and my patients. I've known John for almost 15 years and my admiration for him and his office continues to grow. His office is second to none when it comes to making a patient feel special. All, not most, of my patients return with glowing reviews for Dr. Carey and his staff. I don't get this kind of feedback anywhere else. His surgical outcomes are extremely predictable and as a board certified Orthodontist, this is of utmost importance. Going to the same church, I've come to know his wife and children. They are an incredibly tight family unit and this is largely due to his unyielding dedication. It is my pleasure to write this review and let people know what great Oral Surgeon Dr. Carey is.

-- Dr. Michael Williams

It is with great pleasure that I write a testimonial for Dr. John Carey...And it's not only because he is a Bulldogs fan. I have been working with John for the last 12 years and eagerly send my patients to his office. As a prosthodontist, my patients are often compromised and in need of special care. It is only at Dr. Carey's office that I find the unique blend of surgical expertise and a special warm touch that is missing in so many of today's doctor offices. We have worked together on hundreds and hundreds of dental implant cases and I appreciate his willingness to communicate and utilize multi-disciplinarian care. Furthermore, Dr. Carey's staff is the greatest. It takes a special office to have staff members that throughly enjoy working together. All of his staff has been with him for years and years. This experience lends itself to smooth office visits and my patients notice the difference!

Lastly, on a personal note, John is a great husband and father to four super kids. Every time I call him, he is doing an activity with one of his children! It's this kind of character that makes him an exceptional Oral Surgeon.

-- Dr. Warren Berne

I have been referring patients to Dr. Carey’s office for over 6 years now. In that time I have been very pleased with the results that I have seen. Most importantly however, I’m pleased that my patients come back to my office with glowing remarks about Dr. Carey as well as his staff. Many of my patients have told me how caring, considerate and gentle he is and how surprised they were that he actually listened to their concerns and addressed them. My patients' well-being is of the utmost importance to me and I have full confidence in Dr. Carey and his staff that they will be treated honestly and with great care.

-- Dr. L. Michael Cox
General Dentist

It is with great confidence that I can recommend Dr. Carey to my patients. For the last 12 years, he and his wonderful staff have always treated my patients with the greatest of care and compassion. John is consistently on the cutting edge of new developments in dentistry and is eager to teach others what he has learned. The team approach to treating our mutual patients makes it comfortable for me to know John and I will have discussed what we believe is the best treatment plan for each patient before treatment is implemented. John and his staff are always careful to follow up with each patient to make sure their oral surgery experience was the best it possibly could have been.

As a dental surgeon, Dr. Carey's ethics, training and technical skills are outstanding; as a colleague, Dr. Carey is always communicating new ideas and is a great encourager. As a person, John is compassionate, always kind, a wonderful husband and father, and a man of integrity.

-- Dr. John Peacock
General Dentist

We feel fortunate to have a great working relationship with Dr. Carey. He has served the patients of our practice well; as a caring, considerate, and skilled oral surgeon. As the founder and director of our Cherokee Study Club, Dr. Carey promotes and encourages continued education and communication between the members of our local dental community!

Dr. John Carey has been treating and caring for my patients for the past eleven years. We have a very busy practice and do a lot of implants and reconstructions. It is such an incredible comfort for me as a clinician, that when I send simple extractions or complex cases to him, the result is always the same. Not only is his work precise and predictable, moreover, his easygoing manner makes for a completely positive visit. With no other specialists do I get this kind of steady, positive patient feedback. I am so thankful to have had him by my side these many years.

-- Dr. Scott Merritt
General Dentist

I have known Dr. Carey for over 12 years.  In that time, I referred many patients to his practice. I was always confident that he would provide the best care possible for them and that he would be a great reflection of my own practice.  That aside, I needed to have my own tooth extracted.  Dr. Carey did the procedure for me and did a great job.  It was fast and PAINLESS.  I would say that he and his staff went above and beyond to make me feel comfortable.  Although we are in the same field, I never take things like that for granted.

-- Dr. Nelson Woo

Dr. John Carey and his staff have received rave reviews from our patients for over a decade. Frequently, families in our practice will return to Dr. Carey for additional family members needing oral surgical care. That level of confidence and trust speaks for itself. It is not just his skill as a clinician and surgeon, but the care and concern expressed by his entire staff. He has provided care for our patients over a wide range of ages, medical conditions and surgical problems. We are thankful to have such a fine resource for our patients here in North Georgia.

-- Dr. Carl Russell

I have worked with Dr. John Carey for over 10 years now.  He is a fabulous clinician, and has a wonderful bedside manner with my patients.  From a dentist’s perspective, he is always open to discussing cases and our office has a great rapport with his staff.  I have had many inter-disciplinary patients that we have worked on together with great success – including implant cases, complicated extraction cases and oral cancer cases. He is also willing to go the extra mile to take care of my patients – he has come in to the office more than once after-hours to help out injured patients. He has done this to suture a lacerated lip or to take care of a patient that has knocked out a tooth.  In fact, I have even referred my own father to him for implant placement!  I have that much trust in his capabilities.
Dr. Carey is also knowledgeable in the latest products, technology and techniques – he is good about introducing new procedures to us and recommending them to our patients when applicable.  Similarly, he is concerned about his referring dentists staying current with their own education – he has sponsored our Seattle Study Club Chapter for over a decade.  This Study Club has been a wonderful way for our local dentists to learn and to share experiences/cases.

I have quite a few patients that I have referred to Dr. Carey for care, and they all come back to our office and rave about how they have been treated by him and his staff.  Recently, I had one woman (who is a little nervous about dentistry!) come back and tell me how successful her surgery was, and how she would be happy to do anything she could to help refer patients to Dr. Carey.  Parents are also quite pleased with the positive outcomes of having their kids’ wisdom teeth taken out by Dr. Carey – there are very few complications.  All of this makes me a very happy general dentist – I am quite confident in referring patients to Dr. Carey for competent and caring treatment.

-- Drs. Merrick and Laura Dameron
General Dentists

I wanted to take a moment to express thanks for the quality of care you provide for the patients I refer to you. I have been an orthodontist for 26 years and have worked with a lot of wonderful oral surgeons, but none with better surgical technique and knowledge than you. It has been great having you work with me on several difficult cases. I appreciate your professional opinions and surgical advice. I know I can just pick up the phone or email you a question and you are there for me. Thanks!

I continually have patients I send to you come back thanking me for the wonderful referral. They usually start off saying how wonderful the staff was and how smooth the surgery went…and of course “Dr. Carey was excellent”. I am relaxed knowing that when I refer patients to your office it will be a positive experience that will reflect positively on us for sending them to an excellent surgeon working with a top notch staff.

I have been impressed with you since we first met. As we both know, I would not have opened my practice on Sixes Road if it were not for your advice and guidance to do so. I sincerely appreciate ALL you have done!

-- Dr. Jerry Smith

Dr. John Carey is is a caring and compassionate person. He takes the time to get to know his patients and makes them feel at ease. His staff reflects the same attributes and they all work very hard to make every patient feel comfortable, especially in what would normally be stressful situations for the patient.

I have been referring my patients to Dr. Carey for many years. After seeing Dr. Carey, my patients consistently return to my office singing his praises. They all comment on how he spends time with them and makes them feel comfortable. Both he and his staff take the time necessary to explain the procedures and also follow up with a personal call afterwards. Patients are very impressed with their overall experience.

I have the highest regard for Dr. Carey as an individual and as a skilled Oral Surgeon. I trust my patients and my family to his care. I can think of no higher recommendation than putting one's children in his care.

-- Dr. Barb Talbot
General Dentist

I am so grateful to John and his wonderful staff for treating all of my referring pateints with the upmost respect and dignity. Dr. Carey is one of the most trusted specialists that I have ever referred to and he is very accessible when needed to talk about difficult cases. Personally, his accessibility shows how much he truely cares for his patients and profession. I have worked with him for over 9 years and his remarkable bedside manner has always shown through with each and every patient.

-- Dr. Shay D. Lykins
General Dentist

I have been in practice for almost 33 years. During those years I have had the opportunity to refer to several specialists. There are two things that I require from those specialists, dependability and predictability. I depend on them to treat my patients with the same care and concern that I would, and I expect predictable treatment and outcomes. I started using Dr. John Carey when he first came to Cherokee County. He and his team have consistently delivered both in treatment outcomes and positive comments from my patients.

Dr. Carey has also helped to raise the bar for all the dentists in the area. He started the Cherokee Dental Study Club several years ago and has singlehandedly kept it going since. I appreciate all that Dr. Carey does for my patients and dentistry in general. He is certainly a leader in his field.

-- Dr. Dan Patterson
General Dentist

As an orthodontist, I deal primarily with adolescent patients. A major goal for orthodontic treatment is to place teeth into stable locations so patients don't need to be concerned about relapse. Early removal of third molars is an important modality toward that goal.

Dr. Carey was the first oral surgeon that I had spoken with in 20 years of practice to tell me he had extensive training with adolescent oral surgery. What a breath of fresh air it has been to have Dr. Carey take care of my patients's needs. My patients recuperate very quickly due to his excellent, delicate surgical techniques. I tell my patients that this is not going to be a dreaded experience, for Dr. Carey manages their pain thoroughly from beginning to end. My parents and patients have been delighted with Dr. Carey for his compassionate personality and his extremely caring and competent staff members.

There is not another oral surgeon that we so highly recommend. He and his staff are an extension of my office. I am most delighted that he is there for my patients.

-- Dr. Dick Buhl

I have known and worked with Dr. Carey for close to a decade. Our patients rave about his chairside manner, gentle touch, and helpful team. I guess the highest compliment I can offer is that I have trusted him to operate on my own daughter!

-- Dr. Damon L. Bond
General Dentist

We have been referring our patients to Dr. Carey and his staff for several years now. Their caring approach to oral surgery extends from the waiting room to follow up calls. They show the utmost respect to patients no matter the situation. I will continue to refer my patients, and my family, to Dr. Carey and his office for years to come.

-- Dr. Nick Johnson
General Dentist

Our office has worked with Dr. Carey and his staff for many years. We greatly appreciate the excellent care our patients receive at their office. From start to finish, we can count on the highest level of professional care and fantastic results! Thanks for helping us meet our patients' oral surgery needs!

-- Dr. Greg Elwell
General Dentist

Dr. Carey has a reputation for being a highly skilled and ethical oral surgeon, which is why my office refers our patients to him. Patients always say great things about Dr. Carey and his team when I ask them how their visit was. I feel very comfortable knowing that my patients are getting the best care possible when they see him for their oral surgery needs. Dr. Carey also heads up a study club in our county, which means he is always in the loop with the latest technologies and techniques to better serve his patients. You will not find a better person or oral surgeon to take care of your needs.

-- Dr. Poya Moghadam
General Dentist

Since Dr. Carey opened his oral surgery practice on Sixes Road we have referred hundreds of patients to his office for a wide range of surgical concerns including extractions, oral pathology evaluations and biopsies, wisdom teeth, implants, pre- prosthetic surgery and traumatic injuries. Dr. Carey has treated our patients with the utmost professional care and courtesy. We are fortunate having him practice in this area, and I do not hesitate referring patients to his office.

-- Dr. S. Bruce O'Neal
General Dentist

As a General Dentist, who we refer our patients to is a direct reflection upon our practice. We have many options to choose from but have chosen Dr. Carey as our primary Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon. This decision was not taken lightly and was based on his surgical skill, office dynamics, and Dr. Carey’s bedside manners. I guess my best testimonial is that when my father and two brothers needed oral surgery, I sent them to Dr. Carey’s office.

-- Dr. Michael Razzano
General Dentist

We feel fortunate to have a great working relationship with Dr. Carey.  He has served the patients of our practice well; as a caring, considerate and skilled oral surgeon.  As the founder and director of our Cherokee Study Club, Dr. Carey promotes and encourages continued education and communication between the members of our local dental community!

-- Drs. Miles and Anthea Mazzawi
Pediatric Dentists

Dr. Carey consistently provides my patients with excellent care and treatment. I can always count on him to be thorough and diligent in his care and in his communication with me as a referring dentist. I greatly appreciate the time and effort that Dr. Carey has invested in the local dental community by coordinating the Cherokee Seattle Study Club for the past 10 years. As a member I have had the opportunity to meet and learn from some of the most premier speakers in the country.

-- Dr. Brenda Fritz
General Dentist